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Pinarello Dogma F10 Frame

The F10 continues Pinarello’s commitment to integrating aerodynamics into their frames while still making weight savings and ensuring minimal power loss, something that began in earnest when the Treviso-based firm teamed up with Jaguar, while also working closely with Team INEOS, to develop the F8.

Now, they claim that the new F10 is up to four per cent more aerodynamic thanks to some cross-pollination with their revolutionary Bolide TT bike, more than six per cent lighter, and seven% stiffer – but that’s only half the story. Numbers mean little if that great unquantifiable – “feel” – is lacking. It’s not enough to create an aero, stiff, and lightweight bike, because if it doesn’t handle well, seasoned riders will still take the heavier, controllable option every time.

MSRP $5,999. Excellent Condition.  Used for one season.